Senior Bro recaptures Surfy

Feb. 8, 2019Posted by NawFuL


OAKLEY, Calif. — It may have lacked the confetti, streamers, and the pomp and circumstance of last year’s championship celebration, but it was a victory nonetheless for the Senior Bro, who hoisted the Surfy Trophy high for the fifth time in six years.

Unlike the 2017 trophy presentation to honor Sean’s first title after a four-year drought, it had been little more than one trip around the sun for Glenn, who concluded that memorable ceremony by telling his brother not to get too comfortable with the Surfy because he wanted it back next winter. Despite having to come from behind to win the prize late in the season, on this day his wish came true.

“I really didn’t think I’d be winning this back this year,” Glenn said following the brief trophy-passing event that included only the briefest of introductions — Tina Turner singing a canned rendition of “The Best.” True enough, Glenn had to climb out of a four-game hole he found himself in at the end of Week 12. But he then stitched together a six-split winning streak that led to his ultimate victory. A kiss of the golden statuette and some minor polishing, and the Surfy was soon back in its spot in the living room. Glenn barely had to blow the dust off the shelf, it had been so short an absence.

While the 2018 Surfy Trophy presentation may not have been the most memorable in GBF history, four out of four people on hand for the ceremony said it was easily more entertaining than this year’s low-scoring Stupor Bore, won by New England over the L.A. Rams, 13-3.

Week 17: It's over without overtime

Dec. 31, 2018Posted by NawFuL


One of the closest GBF seasons in recent memory came down to the wire in Week 17, and when the dust settled it was the Senior Bro reclaiming the championship he relinquished a year ago. Glenn entered the final week of the regular season with a scant 1-game lead in the Surfy standings, but following a stumble the previous week he said it was an advantage that didn’t feel like one.

Week 16: Santa Claus rally

Dec. 24, 2018Posted by NawFuL


There’s an old saying that to be the best, you have to beat the best. And when it comes to Gehlke Bros. Football, the defending champ has no plans to go out quietly. Finding himself down two games with just two weeks left in the season and in the midst of a three-week slump, the Junior Bro knew he needed to make something happen in Week 16 if he wanted to keep alive any realistic hopes for another title. While he may not have scored a decisive victory on Sunday, he successfully halved the deficit going into the finale next Sunday.

Week 15: 2 points for the win

Dec. 17, 2018Posted by NawFuL


Do you believe in fourth quarter comebacks? The L.A. Chargers do. And perhaps so too do the Gehlke Bros. What was looking like a tightening grip on the Junior Bro’s prospects for a second championship following Thanksgiving weekend has taken a dramatic turn over the past three weeks, and for the first time in the 2018 GBF season there is a new face atop the leaderboard: Glenn’s.

Week 14: Sweep not in the Cards

Dec. 10, 2018Posted by NawFuL


We’ve reached the fourth quarter of the season, and if you had to describe the action to this point it would be something akin to an intense exchange of field goals, either side waiting for the opposing kicker to flinch. For the Bros, finding splits has been difficult, and winning them has been tougher still.

Week 13: Pick, pick, pick, pick-up game

Dec. 3, 2018Posted by NawFuL


December ushers in the stretch run for the 2018 GBF season, and following last week’s meltdown in the standings the Senior Bro found himself in the most dire situation coming into Week 13, four games in arrears to the defending Surfy champion, his biggest deficit of the year. With the margin for error getting slimmer, a quick turnaround was in order. “I need to get some base hits and hope for the grand slam,” Glenn said Sunday, mixing baseball metaphors with his football picks. There weren’t any home runs, but he did manage the equivalent of the pitcher walking one in.

Week 12: Junior Bro has three more reasons to be thankful

Nov. 26, 2018Posted by NawFuL


Thanksgiving is the time when we traditionally count our many blessings, and in the GBF universe no one was counting those blessings in Week 12 more than the Junior Bro. The defending Surfy champion took a big step toward retaining his title Sunday with a 3-for-3 splits sweep, the first such blowout of the 2018 season.

Week 11: Working on the night moves

Nov. 19, 2018Posted by NawFuL


The Junior Bro clings to a 1-game lead heading into Thanksgiving weekend after a wild Week 11 that saw the Bros split all three of the night games — Thursday, Sunday and Monday.

Week 10: Bear market

Nov. 12, 2018Posted by NawFuL


Sunday may have been Veterans Day, but when it comes to the NawFuL lately it has been the young’uns showing up their elders on the gridiron. Guys like Patrick Mahomes, Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold have been getting a lot of press this season, largely because the big names like Tom Brady, Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger are showing at least a little tarnish on their battle-scarred armor, if not outright cracks. The fresh young faces aren’t all equally successful yet, but they represent the future in a rapidly evolving league.

Week 9: Halves and halve-nots

Nov. 5, 2018Posted by NawFuL


Back in the days before the creation of the bye weeks and 17-week schedules, you could divide the NawFuL season into equal parts — the first eight weeks and the last eight. Nowadays you sort of half to guesstimate where the middle of the season falls, but one thing for certain is that we crossed it in Week 9. Everyone’s played at least eight games, or in the case of the Gehlke Bros., 134 games. And while it is no longer possible to split the season cleanly down the center, there are still two portions: the HAVEs and the HAVE-NOTs.

Week 8: Thirteen treats... and one ugly trick

Oct. 29, 2018Posted by NawFuL


Halloween may not be for a couple of days, but the Junior Bro was spooky good in Week 8, leaving his competition feeling haunted by misfortune. Sean came close to running the table with his picks, and had it not been for a late letdown by San Francisco, he would have had the first-ever GBF perfect weekly record.

Week 7: Just for kicks (All Tucker-ed out)

Oct. 22, 2018Posted by NawFuL


There’s a first time for everything, even when you are into your seventh pro season as the most accurate place-kicker the league has ever known. And for Justin Tucker, that first time came at the most inopportune time on Sunday afternoon in one of the pivotal moments of the Gehlke Bros. Football season.

Week 6: Undefeated no more

Oct. 15, 2018Posted by NawFuL


For the third time this season, the Gehlke Bros. are tied in their battle for the Surfy Trophy. And for the first time, they both managed to hit double figures in the win column in the same week — an elusive feat in a year that so far has been filled with upsets and nail-biter finishes. Week 6 was no exception.

Week 5: The Battle for Texas

Oct. 8, 2018Posted by NawFuL


While Drew Brees was busy passing himself into the NawFuL record books in Week 5, the Junior Bro was busy passing the competition in his bid to repeat as GBF champion. Splits have been difficult to find in recent weeks, and with just one on the line Sunday night it was a guarantee that the Bros would not remain all tied up for a third straight week.

Week 4: Road trip

Oct. 1, 2018Posted by NawFuL


The NawFuL kicked off its bye weeks to close out September, and the Bros said bye-bye to the Bay Area as they hit the road for a visit to Southern California. It may have been a great time for a vacation getaway, but it was anything but carefree travels for most of the road teams in Week 4.

Week 3: Backs to the wall

Sept. 24, 2018Posted by NawFuL


Never underestimate a desperate football team. As the season entered Week 3 there were no less than nine teams that had yet to get a victory, and two of those teams had played to a tie on opening day. Perhaps fittingly, those two would both factor into the equation for the Gehlke Bros’ weekly splits.

Week 2: Subtraction by division

Sept. 17, 2018Posted by NawFuL


Two weeks into the 2018 Gehlke Bros. Football season and we’ve already had two ties. That’s at least two more than we get most seasons, and just might be a harbinger of things to come in what has already been an… interesting year. Equally unusual is getting through a Sunday without any splits, which is how the Bros left things in Week 2 after their lone bit of prognosticating disagreement Thursday.

Week 1: All the thrills an opening week deserves

Sept. 10, 2018Posted by NawFuL


A thrilling Sunday night comeback. A rookie quarterback shredding a heavily favored opponent. A lopsided division rivalry that ends in a tie. We had that and so much more in the opening week of regular season action as the Junior Bro successfully embarked on defense of the Surfy Trophy he recaptured last season. Welcome to Gehlke Bros. Football, 2018!

New season, same Surfy

Sept. 4, 2018Posted by NawFuL


The 2018 Gehlke Bros. Football season kicks off this Thursday, but for the first time in four years it will be the Junior Bro defending a championship after Sean successfully dethroned his brother in a landslide last year. Not one to go away quietly in defeat, Senior Bro Glenn hopes to recapture some of his prognosticating glory over the course of the next 17 grueling weeks of picks, picks, PICKS!

The Bros will be joined again by King Chaos — aka Glenn's son Ben — now another year older and perhaps wiser in his predictions of winning NawFuL teams.

The quest, as always, is the same: to pick the most NFL regular season games correctly and capture the coveted Surfy Trophy. Will the gold statuette remain in Hayward for another year, or will it head east to Oakley? Follow us each week during the 2018 season for the answer to this question and others. Are you ready for some football? Bring it!