Halves and halve-nots

Nov. 5, 2018Posted by NawFuL

Week 9 results


Leads By


Thursday, November 1, 2018
Oakland @ San Francisco Oakland Oakland Oakland
Sunday, November 4, 2018
Pittsburgh @ Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore Pittsburgh
Chicago @ Buffalo Chicago Chicago Chicago
Tampa Bay @ Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina
Kansas City @ Cleveland Kansas City Kansas City Cleveland
N.Y. Jets @ Miami Miami New York Jets New York Jets
Detroit @ Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota
Atlanta @ Washington Washington Washington Atlanta
Houston @ Denver Houston Houston Denver
L.A. Chargers @ Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle
L.A. Rams @ New Orleans L.A. Rams New Orleans L.A. Rams
Green Bay @ New England New England New England New England
Monday, November 5, 2018
Tennessee @ Dallas Dallas Dallas Dallas
Byes: Arizona, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, N.Y. Giants, Philadelphia
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Back in the days before the creation of the bye weeks and 17-week schedules, you could divide the NawFuL season into equal parts — the first eight weeks and the last eight. Nowadays you sort of half to guesstimate where the middle of the season falls, but one thing for certain is that we crossed it in Week 9. Everyone’s played at least eight games, or in the case of the Gehlke Bros., 134 games. And while it is no longer possible to split the season cleanly down the center, there are still two portions: the HAVEs and the HAVE-NOTs.

In the case of GBF, the Junior Bro has been in command from the start of the season, never yielding the top spot despite occasionally being tied. He might want to thank the New Orleans Saints for that 3-game advantage, as he continues to ride the arm of Drew Brees to victory after victory. Sunday was no exception. In one of the most-anticipated games of the season, the undefeated Rams went to the Big Easy to face their biggest test from a Saints team that looks championship-bound. Joining the camp of no team stays unbeaten forever, Sean took the home team while Glenn went with the visitors from L.A. The game lived up to its billing and was tied at 35 midway through the fourth quarter. But Brees is playing on another plane lately and the Saints pulled out a 45-35 victory, handing the Rams their first defeat.

It was a game Sean had to win to maintain his lead, after his Jets fell to the Dolphins earlier in the day, 13-6. For the Bros, the midway point of the season was a split of splits — one apiece. Sean and Glenn tied for the best record at 7-6. Ben, who has definitely been one of the have-nots this season, put together a respectable 6-7 mark for third place, but King Chaos slipped another spot in the standings and is now 31 games back. He’s been riding the red arrow in the overall standings every week except Week 2.

With six teams parked for the day, there were just 13 games on the schedule. We all concurred on Chicago, Carolina, Minnesota and New England. Three winners eluded us: San Francisco, the L.A. Chargers and Tennessee.