Thirteen treats... and one ugly trick

Oct. 29, 2018Posted by NawFuL

Week 8 results


Leads By


Thursday, October 25, 2018
Miami @ Houston Houston Houston Miami
Sunday, October 28, 2018
Philadelphia @ Jacksonville (London) Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia
Baltimore @ Carolina Carolina Carolina Baltimore
N.Y. Jets @ Chicago Chicago Chicago New York Jets
Tampa Bay @ Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Tampa Bay
Seattle @ Detroit Seattle Seattle Seattle
Denver @ Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City Denver
Washington @ N.Y. Giants Washington Washington New York Giants
Cleveland @ Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
Indianapolis @ Oakland Indianapolis Indianapolis Indianapolis
San Francisco @ Arizona San Francisco San Francisco Arizona
Green Bay @ L.A. Rams L.A. Rams L.A. Rams L.A. Rams
New Orleans @ Minnesota Minnesota New Orleans Minnesota
Monday, October 29, 2018
New England @ Buffalo New England New England New England
Byes: Atlanta, Dallas, L.A. Chargers, Tennessee
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Halloween may not be for a couple of days, but the Junior Bro was spooky good in Week 8, leaving his competition feeling haunted by misfortune. Sean came close to running the table with his picks, and had it not been for a late letdown by San Francisco, he would have had the first-ever GBF perfect weekly record.

Tricks and treats are always in fashion this time of year, and it might have seemed like a treat to the Bros having just 14 games on the schedule, particularly when one of them was a pre-dawn affair in London and there seemed to be plenty of difficult choices scattered among the others. Despite the potential for disagreement, Glenn and Sean managed to come up with just one split — a tasty Sunday night game between New Orleans and Minnesota.

The wins poured in like candy filling a sack as both Bros took perfect marks late into Sunday afternoon, and then came the 49ers-Cardinals game — a likely snooze fest featuring a pair of one-win teams. “I’m probably going to regret this pick,” Sean remarked when he sided with the Niners, and true to form the team obliged. San Francisco was up 15-10 until Arizona engineered a long touchdown drive to make it 18-15 with 34 seconds remaining and the Niners failed to get into field goal range. The perfect day was over, but there was still a split to decide.

In the night game — a rematch of last year’s “Minneapolis Miracle” playoff duel that saw the Vikings salvage a last-second victory over the Saints — the hosts seemed on the verge of another strong performance before Adam Thielen lost the football as the Viking were driving for a score near the end of the first half. Instead the Saints converted the error into a touchdown drive that shifted the tempo of the game for good. The mistake-prone Vikings never recovered, giving New Orleans a 30-20 victory that boosted Sean to a 3-game lead in the Surfy standings.

Sean was “treated” to a 13-1 performance that earned him first place for the week, despite San Francisco’s losing “trick”. Glenn went 12-2 for second — a great outcome in most weeks, but in context the equivalent of Charlie Brown muttering “I got a rock” after a disappointing night of trick-or-treating. Ben’s time could have been better spent waiting for the Great Pumpkin, as he went 7-7 to fall six games further back in the overall standings. We all correctly picked Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Indianapolis, New England and the L.A. Rams as winners. There were no teams that everyone missed.