Sweep not in the Cards

Dec. 10, 2018Posted by NawFuL

Week 14 results


Leads By


Thursday, December 6, 2018
Jacksonville @ Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee
Sunday, December 9, 2018
N.Y. Jets @ Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo New York Jets
Carolina @ Cleveland Cleveland Carolina Cleveland
Atlanta @ Green Bay Green Bay Green Bay Green Bay
Indianapolis @ Houston Indianapolis Houston Indianapolis
Baltimore @ Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City Baltimore
New England @ Miami New England New England Miami
New Orleans @ Tampa Bay New Orleans New Orleans New Orleans
N.Y. Giants @ Washington New York Giants New York Giants New York Giants
Cincinnati @ L.A. Chargers L.A. Chargers L.A. Chargers Cincinnati
Denver @ San Francisco Denver Denver Denver
Detroit @ Arizona Arizona Detroit Arizona
Philadelphia @ Dallas Dallas Dallas Dallas
Pittsburgh @ Oakland Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
L.A. Rams @ Chicago Chicago L.A. Rams Chicago
Monday, November 10, 2018
Minnesota @ Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle
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We’ve reached the fourth quarter of the season, and if you had to describe the action to this point it would be something akin to an intense exchange of field goals, either side waiting for the opposing kicker to flinch. For the Bros, finding splits has been difficult, and winning them has been tougher still.

Week 14 marked just the third time in the 2018 GBF season that we’ve had four splits, but it was the first time that the Senior Bro succeeded in gaining multiple games in the standings, and it comes as he fights to make inroads on what was his largest deficit of the season to the defending champ.

There was no shortage of surprises on Sunday as several of the major playoff contenders stumbled. One of those was Houston, which saw its 9-game win streak snapped in a 24-21 home loss to Indy. That and the Browns’ 26-20 win over slumping Carolina guaranteed Glenn would at least lose no additional ground in the standings. But following Detroit’s 17-3 defeat of Arizona that gave Sean his lone split victory of the weekend, it came down to — as it always seems to do — the Sunday nighter between the Rams and the Bears.

Chicago has been something of a mystery as it has quietly built a 9-4 record and a 2½-game lead in the NFC North. The Rams, coming into the Windy City as the top seed in the conference, looked just as stumped at how to beat the Bears as previous opponents, their high-scoring passing game being bottled up by a stout defense that sparks comparisons to the 1985 Monsters of the Midway that won a Stupor Bore title. On Sunday night, the Bears beat the Rams, 15-6, to shuffle the playoff standings and help Glenn to a 2-game move up in the Surfy Trophy race.

But it is Sean, thanks to the ineptitude of the Cardinals, who still holds a 1-game lead (he hasn’t trailed yet) as he battles to defend his title with just three weeks remaining. The Junior Bro wraps up the week with a 9-7 record good for third place. Glenn and Ben tied for the best mark at 11-5. In a week that will be remembered for the “Miami Miracle” that saw the Dolphins stun the Patriots on the wild, final play of the game with no time remaining, we all managed to correctly pick Tennessee, Green Bay, New Orleans, the New York Giants, Dallas and Seattle. We are more than a bit chagrined, calling the Bay Area home as we do, that none of us predicted San Francisco or Oakland to get W’s. Every dog has its day, occasionally.